Ulnar wrist pain - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic - Pain in wrist opposite of thumb

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Ulnar wrist pain occurs on the side of your wrist opposite your thumb. The pain can become severe enough to prevent you from doing simple. Wrist pain can be caused by many factors, ranging from sudden is a repetitive stress injury that causes pain at the base of the thumb. These soft tissue cysts occur most often on the part of your wrist opposite your palm.

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By Arashinos - 07:19
The “pinkie” side of the wrist is also known as the ulnar side.​ Here are some possible causes of ulnar-sided wrist pain:​ Ulnar Impaction Syndrome (when the ulna is longer than the radius, which can cause it to “bump into” the smaller wrist bones).
By Migrel - 15:18
De Quervain's tendinosis is a condition that causes pain, tenderness, and swelling along the thumb side of your wrist. The condition develops when the tendons.
By Vudomi - 22:00
Wrist pain is a common complaint and can have many different causes. the wrist, swelling, and weakness along the wrist, forearm, and thumb. on the wrist opposite the palm but will occur on the palmar aspect of the wrist.

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